Thursday, May 24, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

For the first time in a very long time, I'm joining with Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama for her 5-Minute Friday link-up. Five minutes for free-writing - no editing, no over-thinking, no re-do's. JUST WRITE.

Today's prompt? OPPORTUNITY

 A recent opportunity came knocking in the form of a week on St. Thomas with our son and his family. Glad we heard that one!


They say it only knocks once - but I remain unconvinced.

Seems to me, it comes 'round the door on a regular basis.

Question is: Do we hear it?
                       Do we see it?

Sometimes I've been paying attention and I grab onto it for all I'm worth.

Like the time I met this brown-eyed guy at a college mixer and said, "Yes. Yes, indeed."

Or the time that same brown-eyed guy said, "Hey, I'm heading to Africa for two years. Wanna come along?" Oh, yeah, that one was definitely not to be missed.

And then there were those three surprises - well 2 out of 3, anyway. Each of them the most golden of all the opportunity-knocking I had yet encountered.

Then there was this weird kind of soft tapping that began somewhere inside my gut and gradually spread to my heart and my brain. A tap-tap-tap that said, "Come with Me, dear one. Test your wings - try seminary. You'll like it."

And I did.

And then maybe the scariest one of all came while I was enjoying the student life after 22 years. This one came gently, in the voices of others, in the words of scripture and finally, as an almost visible LED readout across my forehead: "I want you to be my minister."


And now, even now, I hear that tapping from time to time. Opportunity keeps showing up.

May I have the wisdom to see, to hear. And the courage to say, "Why, yes! I'd love to."