Sunday, January 01, 2012

One Word: Waiting

Joining the crowd growing at Alece's place - choosing one word for 2012 - a word that will shape decisions, influence thinking, guide us into God's presence with greater intentionality during the year ahead. And also joining with Bonnie over at The Faith Barista for her invitation at the Thursday jam session.

This choice was a tough one for me, primarily because I am by nature not a patient person. But here it is:


Not because I want to.
Heaven knows I'm not good at it.
But because it is absolutely
to what it means to be
a follower after Jesus,
one who is invited 
into the fellowship of
our Trinitarian God.
I am waiting.
Waiting with hope.
With expectancy.
With trust.

At least that's what I'm asking for
as I wait.
That I might be able to say with Simeon,
"NOW, O Lord, let your servant depart in peace.
For my eyes have seen your salvation..."
Not that I'm in a great big hurry to go anywhere,
not even to heaven,
truth be told.
But because the beauty of Simeon's character 
just shimmers through every word of that verse in Luke 2.
I'd like to shine like that.
And I'm guessing that learning about
is how to pick up a glimmer or two,
here and there.

I have no clue how God will use this word,
this experience,
to form me,
to buff up the shine,
to build in me a clearer reflection
of the LIGHT.
But I'm willing to lean into it
with all I've got.
To consistently make an effort to take my hands off
the reins of my life,
and the lives of the people I love,
and to trust that all will be well. 

Even if it doesn't turn out like I expect.
Even if it doesn't turn out like I hope.
Even if it doesn't turn out at all. 

Because I think that's a big part of trust, don't you?
Turning our hands upward,
and saying,
"Thy will be done.
Thy will be done." 

And I don't think that can happen if I am
otherwise trying to control things
over which I truly have no power.

I do think it might happen if I can learn more about

So that's my word for 2012.
Every three months or so, I'll try and post here about how it's going, what I'm learning, where Life is taking me.
If you need me,
I'll be here.