Thursday, September 06, 2012

Entering the Home Stretch. . . A New Place to Write

This is where I am who I am - in the middle of my family.
With my partner of almost 47 years, our three adult children and their partners,
and our eight grandchildren, ranging in age from 2 to 21 years of age.

I found an invitation in my email inbox last week.
One that surprised me, pleased me and humbled me.

One of my favorite 'found' websites, in these 18-20 months of 
exploration, reading, commenting and blog-writing,
is called A Deeper Story: Tales of Christ and Culture.

A variety of people write monthly essays there on a wide variety of topics. 
They don't always agree with one another, 
they don't always write things with which I agree. 
But they always write things that I value - 
honest, searching posts, 
filled with questions, 
reflections on the beauties and the pain of life, 
honest admissions of failure, 
invitations to re-think old patterns and prejudices. 

About a week ago, there was a cryptic remark on Facebook
about changes coming to this site.
That made me nervous.
Then I read a little further, 
and I saw that there was going to be MORE 
rather than less of what I loved.

The invitation I got was to become a part of that more.
A Deeper Story is now a 3-channel website.
The original tribe continues to write under the original banner,
with the creative and capable leadership of 
dreamer-extraordinaire, Nish Weiseth,
and two new groups have been added to the flagship -
edited by Seth Haines.
edited by Megan Tietz,
co-author of my favorite new book on parenting
entitled, "Spirit-Led Parenting:
From Fear to Freedom in Baby's First Year."
(I've given away three copies so far!)

My surprise invitation came from Megan at A Deeper Family.
Since I am undoubtedly a complete stranger to most of this site's readers, I decided to try and introduce myself with my first monthly contribution.
And the essay you'll find there today is what
came to me when I tried to think about
who I am right now,
at the age I am,
the stage I am,
the place I am.
I am entering the home stretch,
and this is how I hope (I pray!)
this last part of the journey plays itself out...
I'd be honored if you click over and read. . .