Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday: DELIGHT: A Photo Essay

I'm about out of words for this week.
I've written my heart out for the last two weeks or so, 
trying to be more 'vulnerable' in my reflections.
Net result?
Fewer readers, many fewer comments.
A couple of those were 'entered,' if that is the right word, in an open invitation, a highlight-will-be-featured kind of event.
Never yet made a cut at any of those,
so I know there is something missing in this place.
I'm just not sure what that is.

So, I'm taking a bit of a break from words just now.
I'm heading out for this three-day weekend,
spending it at the mission,
a reunion with the folks from the school where I am in training for spiritual direction.
I will not be posting or checking facebook for a while.

So to transition myself from too many words to none,
I'll reflect on Lisa-Jo's invitation this week with photos from the last two weeks, photos that reflect that intake of breath when I see something wondrous,
I am grateful beyond words for these God-given moments of bliss, particularly during this difficult season of slow loss,
the fading away of our moms.
These photos range from a surprising surround-sound sunset as I walked circles in my front drive,
to a glorious pink-flowered tree as I walked in my daughter's neighborhood on Monday,
to beachside stops for lunch and prayer,
to a few shots of our local-est grandkids.
Thank you, Lord, for these good gifts.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo, for this great prompt. Delight is a gift of grace and it's always fun to reflect on how we meet grace in the everyday.
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