Friday, December 09, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Color

I've missed a few weeks of this very fun exercise, but I'll give it a shot today - while it's still Friday! Our assignment is to write for five minutes flat - no editing - on the topic for the week. And we all sign up over at Lisa-Jo's place to share our very different responses to the same prompt. Check it out - I think you'll like it a lot!

Today's prompt is:



I've spent most of this week elbow deep in color - Christmas color. Reds, greens, golds, silvers - all the rich, jewel-like tones that have come to symbolize this season of the year. I'm not done yet, either. The lights are on the tree, but the ornaments? That takes some doing and we'll have to carve out a few hours tomorrow afternoon to get those beauties dangling.

I am a clear-color-lover. Don't give me a dusky or muted palette - it will drive me to drink! I like lots of color around. Take a good look at the world in which we live most of the time. Is it not rife with glorious, eye-bending color collages? Yes, I think it is. And so, I revel in it.

But I'll tell you this: as much as I enjoy adding all the razzle dazzle of this holiday season to my home, I am also very glad indeed to take it all down again in January. Why? Because I have come to love the colors we live with year-round - they speak to my heart of home and happiness and I miss them when they're gone.

When we re-modeled our home about 4 years ago, I ordered new Fiestaware. I had never bought a set of dishes like this before and I was delighted to pick out: Sunflower, Turquoise, Chartreuse and Blue. They made me happy. So happy that I planned the entire renovation around my new dishes. And I've never been sorry. To me, these are the colors of creation - at least the parts of creation that resonate most strongly with my spirit. They speak of life and hope, of springtime and growth. And I LOVE being surrounded by varying shades of these 4 plus light-toned woods and white trim everywhere.

And people who visit seem to respond exactly the way we do - they tell me they feel happy and welcome when they get here. And that's what it's all about, right?