Thursday, November 01, 2012

Word Candy. . . Some Sweetness and Light

There's a wonderful new app out there that allows you to pick from a wide variety of fabulous, short quotes and then set that quote against either a photo (all of which are way cool) or a colored background. You can do amazing things with these Word Candies: them on your wall at Facebook
     ...send them in an email to a friend or two. . . or three
     ...tweet them to a friend (or several)
     ...put them up on your blog
     ...use them as a springboard for a poem or a post
     ...cheer yourself up on a blue day. 

This one pretty much summarizes why I blog at all -- no one else can tell my stories. And no one else can tell yours, either -- only YOU.

You can get there by clicking on this line. You sign in using Facebook or Twitter and then - let the fun begin!