Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days in which I Am Saved by Beauty - Day 28

I love steeples.
All kinds of steeples.
From wood frame churches,
hanging out in small towns,
to tall, stately stone edifices, standing as 
dignified adornments for busy city streets.
I like being forced to stop,
to look up.
I like seeing their silhouettes
against the sky.
I like imagining how long they've been standing there,
thrusting upward, 
proclaiming the glory of God.
Because of where we live,
I am particularly drawn to mission style towers.
I love the gentle curves,
the tilework,
the crosses atop.
There doesn't have to be a cross on the top of the tower
for me to see one there.
Because that's the beauty of church towers
to my eye --
they all bring to mind the vertical beam
of that old rugged one,
the one that stood on the garbage dump 
just outside the city of Jerusalem
over 2000 years ago.
And that is the most salvific of beautiful things
in my life -- that stark reminder of Love in Action.
Thanks be to God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.