Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days in which I Am Saved by Beauty - Day 26

(read: GOOFY attempt at rhyme) 

There once was a girlie named Gracie,
who had the most beautiful facie.
She woke up with curly curls,
just right for this girly girl,
who loves everything glitzy and lacy.
The kids all sang "to you" at morning prayer,
her uniform left home for free-dress-wear.
She smiled in the morning light,
to mommy's complete delight,
her grin unveiling the missing pair.
The party continued that night at six,
with grandparents added into the mix.
We dined with great flair, 
she looked SO debonair, 
while sister performed disappearing tricks.
Her dinner completed, she opted to open
the many fun things for which she'd been hopin'.
Some Lego and crafty things,
some money for fun and flings,
and a pink robe to keep her from mopin'.
Dolly's new cradle, the evening's most favorite,
led us to table where we all could savor it -
an ice cream cake, she picked it,
but all of us, we nicked it,
and declared it the best-of-all flavor-its.
Enough with the pathetic rhyming -
this big girl of ours is SEVEN,
and growing into such a kind and thoughtful person,
with a great sense of fun,
lots of firm friends,
and she is loving school, learning and piano lessons.
She is God's gift to all of us --
And that grin is one of the beauties
of this or any other week!

We are so very glad you were born.