Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 Days in which I Am Saved by Beauty - Day 23

In Celebration of the Color BLUE

I am deeply grateful that God saw fit to fill the universe
with a sparkling array of shades of blue.
Blue is cool and calming, 
yet strong and sturdy.
Cerulean, azure, lapis, turquoise, royal.
You can find all of that in sky and water,
at just about any time of day or night.
Water, water everywhere!
And often it shows itself in a beautiful mix 
of aqua, teal, indigo, even navy.
Spinning the wheel right to the edge of violet,
flowers come in blues, too.

Some of my favorite people sometimes 
come in shades of blue, as well.
Lilly, on her blue blanket,
Gracie in her blue dress,
and before he discovered orange, blue was one of Griffin's
favorites when he was littler.
Joel, dressed in blue, passes birthday goodness to his big brother, Luke,
and Poppy wears it around lots of days, too.
Eric and Griff share a similar shade and a plateful of goodness.
Mom and I squint into the sun, each wearing a piece of coolness.
And this smile - above a blue (or any other color) shirt? Well, that's one of the most beautiful sights in my world.
We all wore it for our one-and-only family photo shoot.
Places wear this color very well. The Chagall windows at St. Stephen's church in Germany are among the most spectacular uses of it I've seen anywhere.
And we live with a lot of blue around us.
Maybe that's why we're such cool, calm, friendly people. (Not.)
And this small winged creature is one of my very favorite
garden guests. Maybe that's because she, too, is blue?
We try to capture it, we human artists.
And some of us are genius at it. Genius.
But all the beauty we create,
grand and glorious as some of it is,
well -- it pales in comparison
to the Master Artist and the splendiferous palette
of creation, don't you think?