Tuesday, October 02, 2012

31 Days In Which I am Saved by Beauty - Day 2

The blessing of Moses over the land of Joseph:
"Blessed by GOD be his land:
The best fresh dew from high heaven,
and fountains springing from the depths;
The best radiance streaming from the sun
and the best the moon has to offer;
Beauty pouring off the tops of the mountains
and the best from the everlasting hills;
The best of Earth's exuberant gifts,
the smile of the Burning-Bush Dweller."
Deuteronomy 33:13-15 - The Message

Ah, this is a land blessed by God. The canyon edge 
does not a mountain make. Still, it pours beauty.
Fountains spring up from the depths and a river is born.

From far below the ground, tumbling from a secret place,
a hidden lake makes the Frio flow. 
Together, canyon and river, they wander these hills,
carving layers of pink and golden beige, 
encouraging cactus, wildflower, scrub brush. 

Standing on the edge, the sun sets behind you, 
and history shines up, right into your lens.
You remember that eons flowed, suns rose and set, 
the earth turned millions of times before you ever looked 
through that viewfinder.

Strange comfort, this feeling. Maybe the beauty, 
this shimmering, reflected glory, 
speaks to the grandness of God,
the faithfulness of stone, the stability of water. 
Maybe the whole idea of age is ludicrous 
in such a setting.  Three score and seven is a blink,
a sigh, a shift in the sandy soil at the bottom of