Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Focus

Five minutes. That's the rule. Five minutes for free-writing, whatever comes into your head, whatever the prompt elicits. And it's crazy fun. Come on over to the Gypsy Mama's website - though she goes by Lisa-Jo Baker nowadays - and see for yourselves:

Five Minute Friday

Somedays, I think I look at life like this - just a little bit cock-eyed and slightly out of focus.

Today's prompt: FOCUS


For me, photography has become a kind of sacramental act. I have a camera with me at all times and frequently annoy my family by poking it in their faces at the most inopportune moments. 

Mostly, however, I use my camera to notice things. 
To pay attention. 
To look more closely, 
     see the details, 
          the angle of the light, 
               the wonder of a baby's laugh, 
                    the cobweb, backlit by morning sunshine, 
     the power of a breaking wave. 

The camera becomes an extension of my eyes, allowing me to slow down a bit - forcing me to slow down a bit, encouraging me to savor, sift, concentrate, focus. 

Looking through the lens requires me to double check and see if things are lining up straight or are slightly askew. Focusing that lens means taking the time to choose where to look first. 
To see this family playing in the water, I had to disarm the auto-focus on the camera because 
it wanted to see the bushes clearly. I did not. I get to choose what I see most clearly.

There are lessons here, lessons beyond the extended ocular sensitivity that my camera provides. Because focus is important in all of life . . . choosing where I'm going to look first. 

Will I look at the Truth or the lie?

Will I look at the Good or the not-so-good?

Will I look at and for the spark of the Spirit in each person I encounter during the day, or will I forget, and allow myself to be distracted, to intentionally turn away? 

Today, I choose to look, 
     to look with intention, commitment, focus. 

Maybe tomorrow, too?


About one minute over - pictures, captions and formatting added later.