Friday, June 22, 2012

Sunny Summer Afternoon: A Photo Essay

Joining with Michelle DeRusha and her invitation to sit and savor summertime. It comes on Fridays and it's delightful and refreshing. Check it out:
Sunshine today, almost all day long,
a refreshing change after many days of June Gloom.
So I took myself to the beach and then on a walk
around my yard,
and enjoyed the beauties of summer.
'Tis the season for blue blooms in these parts,
blues of every hue,
with a little pink thrown in for good measure.
Honey bees,
humming birds,
lizards sunning themselves,
even those with injured wings,
are among the beauties of today.
Join me, won't you?
And offer thanks to God for the glories of summertime.