Friday, June 15, 2012

A Few More Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer, Please

 It seems I am a slow learner.
I need considerable amounts of downtime.
I need it so that I can find center,
so that I can breathe with my mind, as well as my lungs.
I need it so that I am an easier person to live with.
I need it to live, period.
 And one of the gifts of retirement has been
the increased accessibility of such time.
Without the schedule of a regular work week,
it is sometimes easier to sit in the backyard;
to take a field trip to a local nursery;
to sit in the car on the bluffs overlooking the ocean.
 But they say 'pride goeth before a fall,' right?
 Or maybe it's 'the truth will out...'
'water finds its own level...'
or some other such hackneyed cliche.
Whichever, whatever -
the downtime has up and disappeared of late.
And I'm feelin' it.

So... I am very grateful for Michelle's invitation to 
stop and savor,
look and listen,
sit and set a spell.
And I'll try to find my way here each Friday,
and to Sandy's place on Saturday,
and over to Deidra's on Sunday,
just to honor the gift of downtime,
of Sabbath rest,
of soaking in the beauty of this world.
I'll keep it short, and hopefully sweet - 
with a picture or two,
a word or two,
a sigh or two.

Maybe you need a little more breathing room, too?
Come along and slow things down.

Joining with Michelle DeRusha's invitation to celebrate the slower pace of summer living over at her blog, Graceful.