Friday, February 03, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

Can you believe it's Friday again? Already? Me, neither. But that's what the calendar is telling me....almost. Still 30 minutes to go here on the west side of the land, but I'm ready to try this five minute things anyhow!

Joining with Lisa-Jo once again over at The Gypsy Mama for her weekly invitation to 'just write.'

"I don't think that it is always necessary to talk about the deepest and most private dimension of who we are, but I think we are called to talk to each other out of it, and just as importantly to listen to each other out of it, to live out of our depths as well as our shallows. We are all of us adolescents, painfully growing and groping our way toward something like true adulthood, and maybe the greatest value we have both to teach and to learn as we go is the capacity to be amazed...which is a power to heal us and bless us and in the end maybe even to transform us into truly human beings at last."
Source: The Clown in the Belfry, by Frederick Buechner
This week's prompt: REAL


This quote really jumped up and bit me tonight as I was scurrying through the long list of unread emails in my inbox. This was the devotional thought from The Church of the Savior in Washington D.C. for today and it invites serious thinking about some of the very things I've been pondering these last few days.

So to find this quote - and to see Lisa-Jo's prompt - made me wonder: What am I supposed to be seeing/learning from all this synchronicity?

Here are a few (very few) initial responses to that inner query:

That authenticity and vulnerability are beautiful things, that they need to be honored and held lightly, that they need to be protected and valued. 

That we don't need to spill every intimate detail of our lives into each and every conversation we ever have, but we do need to be sensitive to the movement of the Spirit within for those times when appropriate and helpful sharing could facilitate healing and health in ourselves or others.

That there is always, always something going on around or within us that could, if we stopped long enough to notice it, cause us to drop that jaw in amazement, gratitude and joy.

That giving the gift of 'real' is a matter of both discretion and trust - ultimately, trust in God's grace to bring healing, and trust in the other person to hold confidence and to offer listening that goes deep.


This just may be the strangest response to a Lisa-Jo prompt I've ever written! (About one extra minute - and links were added after the time limit.)