Monday, October 31, 2011

It's For the Birds (or Should I Say 'From?')...

So, I'm really truly sorry for the whiny post last week about our multiple days of fog here on the central coast. Those to the east of us this weekend have suffered far worse weather-related angst.

And to make matters worse (in comparison to the right coast early snows - but in reality, lots better for me - personally) - we've had our usual weather-of-perfection-in-the-month-of-October for about five days now. Sunshine, crisp air, blue skies. The mountains which were invisible now look like this:
So, large chunks of my weekend were spent outdoors - walking or sitting, praying, reading or writing...or just plain looking. And as is often the case in quiet times, I was visited by some neighborhood friends. 

Friends who always remind me of what is true and good and right about life on planet earth. Friends who do what comes naturally, with ease and grace. Friends who live in the moment and don't borrow trouble. Friends who relish the warmth of sunshine as much as I do and who definitely make hay while it shines. These friends are curious, active, like to eat and to bathe. Who could ask for more?
First to come by were the smallest members of the 'hood. We've got a trio who have buzzed our backyard for years and I always welcome them into my space - or should I say, they always welcome me into theirs? This one chose to sit and spy for a while, calmly ruffling his feathers, getting rid of the dust of life.
 And then he and his cohorts buzzed the Mexican sage, which is like nectar of the gods for them. They dined with casual elegance, occasionally buzzing my head just to let me know, "We see you over here. Too bad you can't taste this stuff!"
Then the big, noisy, colorful - and very greedy - guys joined the party, essentially chasing the small buzzers away. I set out about 9 peanuts on the small table next to my chair and watched as each and every one of them was grabbed, flown away with and buried somewhere in our lawn.
There were two jays squabbling over those nuts and it didn't take them very long to carry them all away. But then, I noticed something different. The bigger of the two began to search around a bit. "Now, where did I put that thing?" He hopped on the grass, turning his head, now this way, now that way. "I know I just shoved it in here. Where in the world is it?"
 He flew across the yard and perched himself on the back of a chair, giving himself a better vantage point for the hunt, I suppose.
Eventually, he flew straight up over my head, to the top of the gingko tree and spent a few moments taking a gander from that spot.
 Then suddenly, he swooped down, taking precise aim with his opened beak, and SUCCESS! He'd captured what he'd just hidden and carried it away to enjoy in privacy.
Then this morning, my husband beckoned me over to our bedroom window to peek at the fountain which stands just outside our door. The sun had burned off the very early fog and about six small finches were cavorting in and around the stream of water that keeps the fountain fresh.
They stood in the sunlight, they dipped their beaks for a small drink, they pushed each other away from a favored spot, they flitted happily back, down, up and around. And sometimes, they just flew all caution to the winds and got good and stinkin' WET. Fun was the name of the game and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
There is such joy to be found when we make time to do the things that nourish us. Whether it is spent sucking up the nectar of life, buzzing by to say 'hi' to trusted friends, hiding and then finding our treasures, or being just a tiny bit wild and woolly - life is meant to be savored as well as endured.

Joining with L.L. and Laura on thie Monday afternoon before All Saints' Day.On In Around button
And with Emily and Bonnie at week's end. Yes, I know this makes 2 for Bonnie - but I've missed a few weeks there, so this is a make-up round!