Saturday, September 24, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Growing...

Yes, I know it is Saturday. But life loses its structure a bit when you're traveling. So, I'm joining the chorus late this week. Interesting prompt, let's see where it leads...


I want to grow until I die. I want to keep reaching up to the light, searching for water, sending roots down deep. I want to bloom wherever I'm planted, as hackneyed as that phrase has become. Growing elicits only positive images for me (most of the time, that is - until someone I know is afflicted with cancer - then I don't like the idea at all!) Growth is about lots of things, isn't it?

It's about learning.

It's about trying new things.

It's about learning to adapt to new environments.

It's about opening your heart, your home, your life to lots of different kinds of people and experiences.

It's about pushing against the edges of the 'pot,' about sending feeler roots deep into the earth, searching for nourishment, soaking up what is necessary for green leaves and blossoms above the soil line.

It's about leaning into the sunlight, reaching for it, sometimes from behind barriers, corners, or larger, thornier plants.

It's about keeping the parts of yourself connected - roots - stems - flowers - fruit.

It's about being grafted into the vine, espaliered against the Rock of Ages, trained to go up and out and around and through.

It's about life, thirsty and hungry for it, lapping it up, drinking it in, celebrating, enjoying, weeping in the seasons of drought as needed, but always, always ALWAYS searching out truth, meaning and love.