Monday, June 20, 2011

On a Scavenger Hunt!

Joining in a very fun photo scavenger hunt that requires all new photos on a series of themes.  Sadly, I am unable to capture their button.  The blog title is:  "Ramblings and Photos: Scavenger Hunt." And the website is'

And because it was fun AND because they were all shot at home, I'm also submitting this one to Laura and Laura at "Playdates with God" and "On, In and Around Mondays:"
On In Around button 

The assignment?
Take original photos, working from a series of prompts.

After 10 days of glowering gloom,
this afternoon brought beautiful blue skies
and sunshine.

So I packed my camera into the car and 
set off on some errands.  But...
the best laid plans, as they say...and the day disappeared 
before I could even swing that camera out of its case.
So after dinner tonight,
I did some local exploring.
 And I mean REALLY local - my house and yard -
to see what I could see.
And here is what I found:

Prompt: Emotion
This is a cut from an old piece of sheet music that is framed in our bedroom.  I dearly love vintage things and I have always enjoyed the sweet expression of love on the woman's face.
The title of the song?  "Along the Way to Waikiki."
We found this one and another that we've framed,
called "My Pearl of Honolulu," 
at a farmer's market on Kauai.
(We love Hawaii, what can I say?)

Prompt: From a Flower's Point of View
A rose at my eye level and what we both saw, 
looking east in the fading light.

Prompt: Natural Frame
A brilliant red trumpet flower and its glossy dark green leaves shot through the 'frame' of a runner bean teepee, with lighter green bean leaves climbing up the bamboo.  

Prompt: Letters
(Found 3 of these in various rooms of our home.)  
 Leftover birthday balloons from 
my mom's 90th party last weekend.
 The swirly letters from my dad's honorary notice of acclamation from the state of California upon his retirement after 35 years of junior college teaching/
A favorite saying adorning my office.

Prompt: Bliss
 The last white chocolate covered strawberry from my husband's Father's Day gift box.  Yum.
It was a lovely day, topped off by this fun search.
Finding each picture was a gentle reminder of how blessed I truly am.  And all of it pushes me to say, 'Thank you, Lord.'