Monday, June 06, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - continuing in gratitude

 Joining with Ann Voskamp's Monday gratitude group
(although I cannot for the life of me copy her button - 
it just doesn't paste when I hit the key!)
Last week's photo list proved to be a really positive way for me to list my thanks - it colored how I looked at each day,
lending an extra set of eyes in a way.
(And caused me to make sure a camera was nearby.)
God is good, life is good (even when it's hard),
and I am grateful.
So, it continues...
11. My baby with his baby on birthday #39 - 
such a good man and good daddy;
12.  Grandgirl number one's first tooth gap - so proud!
 13. ah, a trial run for the wedding day - 
so happy for our girl to have found happiness after loss;
14.  Our birthday gift veggie garden flourishing - 
and providing fabulous beans/zucchini/crookneck 
for dinner each night this week; 
 15.  This face - what more can I say?
 16.  These two - enjoying each other on Friday;
17. These eyes, windows to heaven;
 18.  Getting this guy up and running for the summer -
love the sound of water splashing as we fall asleep;
 19. Silent Saturday - 1st Saturday of the month -
3 hours of silence and prayer;
 20.  The scent of jasmine as we took our silent,
slow-stepping walks between centering prayer sessions;
 21.  practicing discipline, even with each step;
 22. Discovering a splashing stream on my way back to my car;
 23. Continuing the silence in my 2nd office - at the beach,
on a rainy June Saturday;
 24. Still too much stuff - BUT - the 2-offices-into-1 are finally organized - thank you, Jesus!
 25.  And it will be a perfect space to meet with directees
and the Holy Spirit;
26.  A desk surrounded by pieces of my story -
a story for which I am so grateful!