Friday, May 06, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With a ...

Wow.  That week just FLEW by.'s Friday once again.  Time to sign on with the Gypsy Mama and write for 5 minutes, no editing, on this week's topic which is an interesting one:  

Motherhood should come with a...


...gigantic truth-in-advertising disclaimer, warning label, cautionary tale, illustrated instruction manual and a clear understanding that once you pass 'go,' you are never again 'home free.'

Because...motherhood is simply the most amazing AND the most horrifying thing to ever happen to a woman.  

It is beautiful beyond belief, filled with moments of buoyancy, joy and wonder, the single most remarkable thing to ever happen in one's life, a gift beyond measure...

...AND it is a never ending series of heartbreaks, sleepless nights, cold sweats and deep-seated fear - no, terror! - about the world into which your beloved must have the bravery and the chutzpah to enter....over and over again, at each stage of his or her development.

But most of all, motherhood should come with an older friend who's been there before you, can advise you when you ask for it, can cheer you on as you struggle through it, can encourage you when you fall flat on your face, can love your kids (and you) with an uncompromising, fierce and devoted love and can model for you how to move through the tough times and live to tell about it.


The two most important and consistent of those older 'friends' in my mothering life - my husband's mom, Kathryn, on the left - who turned 95 in January and now lives in an Alzheimer's assisted living unit; and my own mom - Ruth - who will be 90 in July and whose health is increasingly frail.  I thank God for these two women every day of my life.  They have loved me and my children, been there when it got scary, taken care of my little ones when I was sick, busy or needed a break.  And now they love my little ones' little ones - even when they can't remember their names.  Each of them has been a shining example to me of courage, commitment and faith, and I am deeply grateful.