Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Deep Breath...

Linking up with Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama one more time, this week on kind of a strange prompt.  No real clue where I'm going, but here are 5 minutes - unedited, unstopped, leave-them-as-they-lay words on the topic:

Inspiration - breathing in, deeply.  Where have I found it over this life of mine?  More places than I can count or remember.  

First swim test - overwhelmed by water, breathing in an element that cannot sustain human life, being lifted out, patted firmly on the back and released to my mom's welcoming arms and worried face.

First public speaking - deep breath in, stand up before the assembled faculty at my elementary school at the tender age of 11 and recite a long poem, complete with inflection and gestures.  Receiving applause, pleased smiles, congratulations.  Breathing in acceptance.

Taking the SAT - deep breath in, actually enjoying the wordplay and essay writing; detesting the math.  Breathing in knowledge of my strong - and my weak - suits.

Meeting my husband at the tender age of 17, literally gasping for air when I saw those big brown eyes across the proverbial crowded room.  Not knowing how many years lay ahead for us, just breathing in that face.

Seeing each of my children as they pushed their way into light and space and air.  BREATHE deeply, little one.  And me breathing them into my heart and soul and sinew.

Entering seminary at the age of 44 - DEEP breath, filled with trepidation, wondering, "Can I cut it?"  "Will I meet God here?"  Breathing out joy at all that I learned, all that changed both inside and out.

Photos and italics added later

Celebrating 45 years of marriage (and then there were those 2.5 years of courtship...)

My 'baby' holding his baby.  Isn't it amazing how that works??