Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week: And So It Begins...

This reflection is written in response to yesterday's serendipitous worship experience.  
In a neo-Gothic sanctuary, and a very 'liberal' congregation we had not planned to attend, 
my husband and I experienced a dramatic reading of the entire Passion narrative 
as found in Matthew's gospel.
It was stunningly beautiful and we are grateful.
Joining tonight with Michelle at Graceful and 
LL at Seedlings in Stone.


The holiest week of the year begins with the shouting...
...and somehow the garden seems to know...
...even the fruit trees put on their brightest show...
...and the bearded ladies join the throng of all who cry, "Hosanna!"
The biggest, boldest, brightest blooms...
...and the smallest, densest bits of branching glory...
...join the noisy, brilliant flow.
The very trees of the field clap their hands and shout for joy!

The Lord of Glory comes!
Striding through the streets of Jerusalem,
weeping over the city,
teaching his friends of love til the very end.

silent before his accusers,
shouldering his own cross,
enduring the scorn,
the loneliness,
the darkness of death itself.

Why this willing self-sacrifice,
this bold movement up that hill?

For me.
For you.
For the world he
so carefully crafted,
giving us full freedom to take it or leave it,
to take him or leave him.

So let us join the glad array,
and sing a song of Christ the Lord;
let us move through our dismay,
as Love is freely poured.

And when the third day dawns again,
we'll sing and shout once more.
But this the song of transformed hearts
now shaken to the core.

May Jesus Christ be praised!

A blessed Holy Week and glorious Easter celebration to all.
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